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ClickLife is a premier GPS company with a seven-year track record of success in Bahrain's market. Specializing in cutting-edge location-based solutions, we have earned a reputation for reliability, innovation, and exceptional customer service. Now, we're thrilled to bring our expertise and passion for excellence to Dubai, expanding our footprint to serve the diverse needs of businesses and individuals in this dynamic market. With a commitment to delivering customized GPS solutions and unparalleled support, we look forward to building strong partnerships and driving success for our clients in both Bahrain and Dubai.

  • Any work except as a result

    Stay Connected 24/7: Your Trusted GPS Partner in Bahrain and Dubai!

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    Track Anywhere, Anytime: Empowering You with Our GPS System!

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    Fast, Secure Data Management: Empowering Your Business with Efficiency!



Hours Of Support


Team Leader

Team Leader

Reda Ragab

CEO & Founder

I champion our GPS tracking system for its power to enhance safety, streamline logistics, and drive efficiency. It's more than just monitoring; it's about empowering our operations for a brighter future.

Our Team

Our Team

Fahad Javed


As a Technician Admin, our GPS tracking system is my go-to for precision monitoring, proactive maintenance, and ensuring peak operational performance.

Mari Apostol

Customer Support / Office Admin

Our GPS tracking system delivers peace of mind to customers with real-time insights. As a support admin, I'm proud to provide this invaluable tool for top-notch service.

Shanid Shan


Our GPS tracking system maximizes asset management efficiency, empowering me as an accounts manager to deliver cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Muhammad Taqi

Technical & IT Admin

Driving innovation at the intersection of technology and GPS precision, our IT department ensures seamless navigation experiences for a connected world.

Muhammad Qasim


I support our GPS tracking system for its ability to boost safety, streamline logistics, and drive efficiency, empowering our operations for a brighter future.

Omar Abada


I champion our GPS tracking system for boosting safety, streamlining logistics, and driving efficiency, empowering our sales administration's future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

GPS tracking uses satellite technology to pinpoint the location of vehicles or assets in real-time. It works by receiving signals from satellites to calculate precise geographic coordinates.

Yes, GPS tracking systems can be used for personal vehicles to enhance security, monitor driving behavior, and track vehicle location in case of theft.

Consider factors such as the size of your fleet, specific features required, scalability, user-friendliness, customer support, and pricing when choosing a GPS tracking system.

GPS tracking systems can improve driver safety by providing alerts for unsafe driving behavior such as harsh braking or acceleration, speeding, and excessive idling. These systems also enable monitoring of adherence to traffic laws and safe driving practices.

GPS tracking systems typically use secure encryption protocols to transmit data between the tracking devices and the server, ensuring that sensitive information such as vehicle location and driver behavior is protected from unauthorized access.
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