Teltonika Devices

Teltonika Devices

Vehicle Tracking Device

FMB 120 GPS Device

Teltonika FMB 120 is a versatile GPS tracker designed for a wide range of tracking and monitoring applications, particularly in the field of fleet management and vehicle tracking. This compact device packs a host of features aimed at providing real-time location tracking, remote monitoring, and management capabilities for various types of assets.

  • Connectivity options GSM, GPRS & Bluetooth
  • Digital and analog inputs/outputs
  • Internal backup battery
  • 2G Network Support
  • Compact design

Vehicle Tracking Device

FMC 920 GPS Device

The Teltonika FMC 920 is a popular choice for those seeking a versatile and dependable GPS tracker. Its small size, packed with features, makes it suitable for various applications, from personal tracking to fleet management. Teltonika FMC 920 is the compelling choice for its compact size, reliable performance, and diverse range of applications.

  • Future-proof Connectivity
  • Bluetooth convenience
  • Best Temperature Range
  • 4G Network Support
  • Complete Data Management
Ruptela Devices

Ruptela Devices

Trace 5 GPS Device

The Ruptela Trace 5 is a compact, advanced and versatile GNSS-based tracker designed for efficient vehicle and asset tracking across various industries.

  • Reliable connectivity (4G)
  • Precise positioning
  • Rugged design
  • Long-lasting battery

PRO 5 GPS Device

Ruptela PRO 5 is an advanced GPS tracker designed for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, and specialized equipment. It goes beyond basic location tracking, driver behavior monitoring, asset security, and fuel efficiency.

  • Tamper detection
  • Security features
  • Backup battery & 4G Connectivity
  • Harsh environment compatibility
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